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      "affirmations are not just for kicking and punching alone"

      I am proud to be a member of the worldwide Purple Dragon Family. Through locals and international tournaments and Black Belt gradings, I have met so many wonderful people within the Purple Dragon Family.

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "excited to learn something new with each class"

      Purple dragon has had a huge impact on our kids' focus, discipline, and self confidence. Our kids are not only learning the sport they love but they are also building a good character. They are excited to learn something new with each class and have fun doing it! The staff at Purple Dragon genuinely care for our kids' growth and encourage them to reach their highest potential. This, coupled with their disciplined approach, provides the right balance and environment for them to succeed.

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "Their love and care for our son's development"

      Full endorsement! Self defense is probably what comes to mind when you think of a karate institution but Purple Dragon Cayman Islands is so much more than that. Their love and care for our son's development is more than we imagined. So, in every way, we fully endorse this family of disciplined, humble and spiritually grounded team led by Shihan Floyd. Our son looks forward to meeting his friends there at every opportunity. His mental strength, physical fitness and especially his immediate response to instructions are some of the things that we are most grateful for. Thank you Purple Dragon Cayman.

    • 5 Star on Facebook


      great structure for young kids, discipline.

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "Thank you very much for your friendship"

      Thank you very much for your friendship and we are at your command with humility and affection.

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "Instructors are excellent"

      I had very little experience with martial arts so became part of the Purple Dragon family only at the insistence of my son who is in Shihan Floyd's son's class that he wanted to try karate. I must say, I couldn't be happier with the decision to join. The dojo is very welcoming and fosters a real sense of community. I can see through Purple Dragon my son is strong, fit, disciplined and confident. The instructors are excellent and have a great balance between authority and kindness. I am very glad we joined.

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "great Martial arts system"

      A great Martial arts system. The instructors are some of the best Purple Dragon has to offer. Please invest in yourself or your children and visit this dojo.

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "Morals and Self-Respect"

      This is the place to build a foundation for our future generations, through Self Defence, Discipline, Teaching of Morals and Self-Respect.

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "team is committed to bringing the best out of each child"

      The Purple Dragon team is committed to bringing the best out of each child. Under their dedicated care, my son has grown in strength, confidence, and focus. I highly recommend this club for any child interested in martial arts. - Ben's mum

    • 5 Star on Facebook

      "kids learn to be respectful and strong"

      I great place for the entire family! The kids learn to be respectful and strong. My experience was that this was one big happy family, had my son and I lived on Cayman Island we would've loved to be a part of it ❤

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